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Weeping Rounds

There are 5 categories of rounds as follows:


H20 – Highest Twenty: Your highest score on the 20-yard target for the day. Archer must keep track of his/her own score and have it verified by another archer. Any score on the 20 can be used, even if it was scored for one of the other categories. This is the only score that does not have to be declared beforehand.


DT – Double Trouble: Three shots of 2 arrows at a time at the 20-yard target. Must be declared beforehand. The range master in charge must approve of any archer who shoots 2 arrows at a time. This skill helps archers who wish to begin with 2 arrows loaded for a speed round.


FF – Fast Flight: Speed round shot at either the 20, 30 or 40-yard target. Must be declared beforehand.  As many arrows as the archer can get off in 30 seconds. With approval, the archer may start with 2 arrows loaded. The 20-yard target is scored as is. The 30 has a multiplier of 2 and the the 40 has a multiplier of 3.


RS – Round Sh’Bobbin: This is a coordinated activity designed to prepare our archers to work together in a combat situation. Depending on the number of participants, archers form into 1 or 2 rows. The first archer in each row takes a gate at the 20. Upon command of the range master, the archers will “aim, draw, loose” 2 times on command. The next command is “move,” at which time those archers move to the 30 gates and the next in line archers take the 20 gates. The commands are repeated until all archers have moved through all 3 gates. This round has a multiplier of 2. There will be 6 total arrows shot, 2 at each target.


A2K – Arrow to the Knee: A Clan Chleirigh archery field favorite! ANY AND ALL LEG HITS are tallied for a day total and a monthly total. An Arrow to the Knee will count as a negative one (-1) if it happens on any scored flight. The highest monthly total of A2K will be announced each month.


Posting Scores

Scores are posted on the Weeping Rose web site. Scores will not be averaged nor accummulated. The first month an archer scores, that archer will appear on the monthly rankings. Each month, every archer starts with a clean slate. The highest score shot in each category that month will be used for the archer’s total score.


Rules and Categories Subject to Change

This system is designed to improve some basic skills, especially the skill of moving between targets without losing the ranges. As time goes on the system will be changed to continue to challenge all levels of archers.